The Chataldja Market Place

The Chataldja Market Place has the following retail outlets:

15 clothing stores and accessories / men’s and women’s clothing; Specialized children’s clothing and accessories store, toys; Sports suits, formal dresses, shirts, jackets, skirts, etc .; sleepwear/;

3 retail outlets for shoes and accessories / summer: sandals, slippers, flip-flops, etc .; Winter: boots, boots, etc. /;

4th jewelery / handmade jewelery, mass jewelery, etc. /;

3 household utensils / kitchen utensils for the home – workshops, cups, plates, cups, pans, pots, cutlery, tablecloths, tarpaulins, etc., as well as detergents /;

16 places offering fast food / rich variety of sandwiches, hamburgers, toasts with pork, veal, chicken, vegetarian, etc .;

23 grocery stores / specialty shops for dairy products – cheese, yellow cheese, milk, etc., olives and olive oil, meat and meat products /;

7 fish and seafood items (always fresh sprat, salmon, trout, sea bass, turbot, bark, carp, etc.);

Chataldja3 Chataldja4 chataldja

4 stores specialized in meat and meat products;

Fruits and vegetables / Bulgarian production and import /;

Honey, royal jelly, bee pollen;

Flowers / bouquets, pots, for your home and garden, for your holiday, for a gift, etc. /;

26 shops offering industrial goods;

4 – for alcohol and cigarettes;

Services / Locksmith /;

5 coffee machines;

Boiled corn.

In the area of ​​Chataldja Market, at the crossing of “Osmi Primorski Polk” Blvd. and “Chataldja” Blvd., towards the Sea Garden, there is a separate market place specializing in flower trade

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